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About Us

My absolutely favourite things to cook are simple with a few ingredients properly cooked to make delicious foods. Quite often it's as simple as a long slow cooked casserole where all the flavours fuse together and the key ingredient is patience. It's the same with our sweets. Lots of traditional recipes are simple at the heart with only a few ingredients. Throw in a bit of love, patience and a lucky pinch of sugar and you have melt in the mouth sweets that are made for savouring

I'm often asked what the key to great tablet is. Loads of people try to make it and for whatever reason it doesn't work. The truth is tablet is a selfish sweet and it wants your full attention, your time and your patience, get it right, it's magical, get it wrong...........

"Can you make a vegan version?”

Such a simple question which led to a series of experiments. There was vegan butter, vegan condensed milk recipes that included things that sounded like they'd be more at home in a science lab than a kitchen then the dawning realisation that to make it work I had to get back to basics and make it simple. It worked and lo and behold Thistle Vegan was born.

The aim is to give you handmade sweets made in the traditional way although there might be a little twist here and there too.